Interested in homeschooling? You’re not alone.

We’ve been homeschooling for three years now, and people ask me about it more and more frequently. I suspect it’s because public education is really in trouble (especially in California, where we live), private education is getting harder to afford, and people find themselves looking for an alternative. Also, as more and more people homeschool, it seems less radical and more reasonable. The purpose of this site is simple: To share general information about homeschooling, in a hopefully unbiased way. You can read about the various approaches to homeschooling, access useful resources and websites, or read why our family chose to do it.

I’m also going to write a weekly blog, which will feature cool stuff I’ve found to buy, read, or look at within the realm of homeschooling and interested parenting in general.

By the way, those are my children, up there in the hammock. I wanted to show them because many people think homeschooled children are strange, unworldly creatures who walk on all fours and win spelling bees. Mine are strange unworldly creatures, as you can see, but they’ve never won a spelling bee in their lives. Just saying.